Kate's 150th

Kate Gleason, Visionary: A Tribute on Her 150th Birthday


Student Contributions

Engagement pieces created by students at RIT

Digital Publication


by Alissa Roy


Branding & Design

I worked with various individuals and teams in the class to create designs for posters, stickers, trivia cards, and scavenger hunt prizes. I also developed and implemented a consistent visual style to all of the pieces.

— Nicole Dombi

Social Media

“As the social media team, we utilized different sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the exhibition. We engaged with the public through the hashtags #kg150, #concretekate, and #popinpopup as well as #kategleason. By the specific use of Twitter, we educated the public with information about Kate Gleason and her success.”

— Michaela Chapman, Hailey Cothran, Kerry Jeyschune

Film Research

“The four of us took a close look at one of two films in the collection of the University of South Carolina’s Moving Image Research Collections. The films appear to have been made by Kate Gleason around 1928 — 1930. To research these, we compared the details of each still with external imagery to provide context such as people, places, and things (cars, fashion). We grouped the stills based upon the similarities we found and disseminated them online.”

— Heather Clarke, Emily King, Sam Pike, Carly Washburn

Concrete Kate

I created a “Concrete Kate” bust to be used for visitor engagement by encouraging visitors to take selfies with a physical representation of Kate. This first required 3D scanning the top half of the bronze “bust of Kate Gleason,” printing out a plastic version, and using that positive to make a urethane rubber mold. Once the mold was finished, I then cast the bust in concrete and installed it near the entrance to the exhibit space.

— Daniel Krull

Pop-art Stickers & Poster

We developed a pop-art multimedia graphic to be used as advertising for the pop-up exhibitions. The formats we used included stickers, print, and digital media. A corresponding hashtag #popinpopup was used to promote activity and to monitor user frequency.

— Kenzie Robbins, Kelli Spampinato

Scavenger Hunt

We developed a checklist of objects, a spreadsheet to keep track of usernames, and riddle clues for the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt clues will be disseminated via social media over four days, with three clues going out each day of the pop-up exhibit. We are also working with a classmate to determine a prize for the winner of the scavenger hunt.

— Susana Flores, Phillip Fowler, Elizabeth Gwilt

Trivia Cards

“Using facts from primary documents, secondary articles, and websites about Kate Gleason, I created a set of trivia cards used at the pop-up exhibit on Friday, November 20, 2015 in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering.”

— Ginny Gross

Digital Publication

“I created a publication to summarize all aspects of the exhibition, including the onsite exhibition, pop-up exhibit, all related print, digital, social media, and events.”

— Alissa Roy

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